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Justin "Lewis" Lehman


An award winning portrait photographer born and raised in ABQ, New Mexico I received my BFA in Interdisciplinary Art form Eastern New Mexico University. I also received my Master of Arts in Art Education in December 2005 from the University of New Mexico. My art depicts the chapters in my life, which you can see they are all different. I could say I have a certain style, which I do, but it changes on my mood for that day. I always reach for a new style that is deep within my soul. Life changes as well as my art.  My work is all based on identity. No matter where I am in life things change within myself and my surroundings. Ever since birth, I am on the mission of finding my true identity up until the day I die. I will never know who I truly am and this journey of life is what makes me... me!  I have been doing portrait photography for over 12 years professionally and continue to paint and draw when time allows.


1516 Art

1516 Art was created in Saint Louis, Missouri from our wedding date, October 15, 2016. We are a very creative  pair who can do just about anything with passion. We both push each other in our creative process and work ideas to a final creation that our clients love. We continue to pursue new ideas in our creative talents.


Brad Schmidt

Born and raised in Saint Charles, MO, I am a self taught artist with a strong creative eye. I grew up with a family of talented artists. I currently work in the floral industry and paint and draw in my spare time. I am inspired by many of our great artists, life and the people around me.

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